And here we are,

in the midst of everything,

contemplating where would we be,

if not here.


The eluded peace.

There is uncertainty in my thoughts,

they don’t synchronize well,

they betray me, backstab me,

but I revere them,

like an abused, exploited lover.

I try to make peace with them.

peace with their eccentricity,

peace with their uncertainty,

and peace with their turbulence,

But the peace eludes me time and again,

But the peace eludes me time and again.


I am in a search

I am in a search,

Reflections, in your eyes, is not me,

Impressions, in your mind, is not me,

neither am I what I reveal.

I go deeper and deeper and deeper,

than the fathoms of the Oceans.


A name is written on a plaque outside the door,

they say it’s me, it’s insane. That’s not me!

It’s someone else in the mirror.

Everything here is entrenched in deep esoteric mystery,

maybe, I am in search of myself.


Pieces of my assets, they rejuvenate my memories,

things are blurred in my dreams,

they mitigate my days.

Skies and sun, soil and water, birds and trees,

shouting a name.

oh someone, please tell them, that’s not me.


I am cloistered, let me be, don’t remove this blanket,

eyes are vulnerable to the queries of the vandals outside.

I laugh, once I was among them.

But no, that’s not me, oh someone tell them, please.


This snapshot, it’s an absurd imitation of my face.

The person in the mirror,

resurfaces some memories in my cerebrum.

Seriously, egregious they are.


I am contrite to the speakers,

It’s not their fault.

The person looks same as me,

They are screaming in my ears,

Hey, it’s you!

Someone, please tell them, it’s not me.


I am in a search,

The reflections, in your eyes, is not me,

The impressions, in your mind, is not me.


– ( Thank You, Karan, Without you this poem wouldn’t have been possible.)